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DPH Lawyers
DPH Lawyers (Deus Pereira / Pedro Hilário) is a professional legal practice collaboration, since 2012 based in Faro. Beyond personal friendship and like mindedness, we are bound by an ambitious, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our team grew over time in both national and international recognition, including cooperation in multiple regions and diverse areas of practice.

Our office translates into a culture of direct and personal contact, humane, up to date, robust and custom-made solutions, individually designed to fit each client’s needs. We are not a gigantic structure, impersonal or merely a business. We cherish a direct human contact with each of our clients.

Throughout the years, each of our team members gathered notoriety, highly qualified and diversified experience and a fierce spirit to best serve our clients.

The spectrum of our practice is extensive but realistic. Our tailored solutions reflect a careful and prudent risk assessment to our clients benefit at all times, based in technical knowledge, extensive experience and training, bearing in mind the clients’ specific needs and input.

We have extensive and continued experience in counselling international clients in nearly all European countries, but also several US States, Canada, Brazil and Latin America, some African countries (most notably those Portuguese native speaking nations), People’s Republic of China (including Macao and Hong Kong) and several others.

Use of foreign languages (notably English and French), both spoken and written, are common, and our legal work is frequently conduced and based in a multilingual environment. 

Over time we have been innovative in providing our clients with remote counselling tools, which, in the current world, has been proven to be added value. Particularly we have an adequate video conference room and equipment at the office, through which our clients may comfortably enjoy, whether in Portugal or abroad, a proper counselling experience, under full confidentiality, discretion and comfort.

Our fees policy is competitive, compatible with the services provided and in full accordance with all the best ethical and legal practices and rulings. Our fees will, at all times, reflect the importance of the rendered services, its technical intricacies and urgency of matters committed, the level of intellectual creativeness, success and final results obtained for the client, time spent, accountability and all and any further practices and rulings. The fees are to be fixed on a case-by-case basis, respecting the above criteria, with full transparency and duly agreed with the clients.

The office, and each of its professionals, have specific clients’ accounts, duly and exclusively dedicated to clients’ funds, in accordance with legal frames and regulations.

We have a broad network of highly qualified professionals in diverse complementary areas, such as engineering, architecture, accountancy, tax counselling and planning, among many others, which can and will be put to our clients’ needs, whenever appropriate and requested.
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